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That is right. We stand together as a gathering of e-federations that declares to the world that we strive to be better. Not to be better than others, but to better ourselves. Together we will improve our shows, our federations, our community, our affiliations, and ourselves. Now is the time when we make our stake in the world and declare... We are CWC.

Romeo Stylez & Purity Solanas vs. The Wrecking Crew *James Stall Guest Commentary*

NEW Generation 34
No Limits Championship Ladder Match: Tyler Adams (c) vs. Tommy Zeller

NEW Friday Night 33
Jenni Taylor vs. Kerryn Kali

Under The Coliseum Lights 3
Arkia Fisk(c) vs. Rowyn Starr for the PW World Championship

Hartford DVD Taping
Pride Championship: (c) J.T. Cash vs. Wayne Carruthers

Warzone #90
DTR & Ozric Mortimer vs. Tyler Brooks & Rick Plant
Legacy X Preview: July 21, 2013
Reported by Blazenwing Wrestling Federation on July 14, 2013
Scott DiBiase wins The Royal Rumble
Reported by Triple B on July 13, 2013
Skip Sanders Presents The Road To Under The Coliseum Lights 3
Reported by Slaine Rodrick on July 09, 2013
CWC E-Wrestler Ranking - July Rankings
Reported by Johnny Rebel on July 07, 2013
NGIW Presents...X!
Reported by NGIW on July 04, 2013
Havok #151 Preview: July 8, 2013
Reported by Blazenwing Wrestling Federation on June 27, 2013
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